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GrabzIt Technology Update and Your App

14 October 2021

Over the last year GrabzIt has been updating its core technology to ensure its long term future and increased performance. While most of the website has been updated there are still a few pages left.

However, what is complete is our migration of the web services. These web services use different technology and a slightly different URL, we are currently redirecting the old paths to the new technology.

While you shouldn’t need to update as the old web services are requiring an extra “hop” to work it is highly recommended that you update your GrabzIt library to the latest version. The latest version of all libraries have been updated to point at the new URLs.

If you are using the GrabzIt REST API, please update your calls from "" to "".

The Scraper ASP.NET library has also been updated to work with .NET Core as well as .NET Framework.

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