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Extract Data with GrabzIt's Online Web Scraper Tool!

GrabzIt's Online Web Scraper Tool simplifies scraping data from the web, regardless of its storage format. Every scrape you create will use our online wizard and follow these three simple steps.

Website Targets

Identify Target Website

Define what website, files, or sections of a website you want to scrape data from. Then schedule when you want to do it.

Specify Data

Specify Data to Scrape

Define which parts of the web pages or files to scrape. Next, define how to store this data.

Package Data

Package Scraped Data

Specify the file formats in which to store the data. Finally specify how you want the scrape data transmitted to you.

Who is the Web Scraper for?

Everyone can use this website scraper, its designed to be easy to use! So you don’t have to be a programmer to use it. Although if you are a power user, we have plenty of extra features for you too.

The web scraper has a user-friendly online wizard. This wizard helps you create instructions for identifying the content to scrape.

It uses a simple point-and-click interface. Meaning you shouldn't have to write any code, or very little! But we don't want to stop there and are always trying to improve our web scraper make it the simplest on the web.

In fact, to make common scraping tasks such as; turning websites into PDF, extracting all links or images easier. We created a series of prepared templates. So, before you start writing a scraper you might want to check if we have already written the scrape, or most of it, for you!

What types of data can you scrape?

There are many reasons to extract data from websites, these range from getting your competitors product prices. Taking a quick look at the most recent financial data or finding someone's contact details in an online directory.

Our online tool makes it easy to extract information without needing a chrome extension or browser extension. With special features to automatically deal with web page pagination and multiple clicks on a single web page.

The Web Scraper can also scrape data from any part of a web page. Whether it is the content of an HTML element such as a div or span, CSS value, or HTML element attribute. Any web page meta data or text stored in an image, XML, JSON or PDF.

It also uses machine learning to automatically understand concepts. Such as is a sentence saying something positive or negative.

Of course, if you want an image downloader, GrabzIt's online HTML scraper can automatically download any images you want.

How does the Web Scraper work?

One of the things that makes GrabzIt's web scraping service unique is that it is an online scraping tool designed to scrape any website. This means that you don't have to download any software to start scraping and can run the scrapes 24/7.

However, it does this while remaining a highly sophisticated data extraction tool. The web scraper uses a special web browser to view and scrape web pages. It can handle both dynamic and static pages. This includes content made with JavaScript or AJAX.

Furthermore, to speed up the web data extraction to ensure you get your scrape results as quickly as possible, each scrape uses multiple browser instances. Each with a different proxy server and user agent. This and IP rotation helps to avoid blocking. This allows scraping multiple parts of the target website at the same time.

GrabzIt's free web scraper is highly interactive. As such it allows you to click links and buttons submit forms, type text, infinitely scroll and much more. Allowing a scrape to perform the same actions as a human user.

Some web scrapers need you to use complex regular expressions to extract specific data when selecting an element. These regular expressions can be difficult to create and understand. But some web scarers don't retrieve the desired information from a webpage without them. Instead we enable you to use patterns we then create the regular expression in the background to scrape the data for you.

This is possible because many websites store similar content across many pages. To collect the information you need, GrabzIt's Web Scraper will search the website for the content you asked for.

How do you tell GrabzIt what data to extract?

The web scraper wizard allows you to simply click on what you want and choose an action to perform. This will generate a filter that match the HTML structure of the part of the web page you are interested in. Along with the scrape instruction representing the action you want to perform. The web scrape uses this information along with some fuzzy logic to extract the data.

You can also specify the exact web pages you want to scrape or just specify a sub-section of the site to scrape.

As a data scraper GrabzIt provides facilities to clean the data, this makes data analysis easier. To do this the Web Scraper has a online data set that looks similar to a spreadsheet. With this feature you can apply different filters and fixes to the data and structure the data how you like. This allows you to address any data problems before receiving it back.

After creating a scrape, you can schedule it to run at specific times and intervals. Or if you want it to be even more automated you can trigger the web scrape when specific website changes occur.

You can access your data in real-time and easily integrate it into your app in various formats. These formats include Excel, XML, CSV, JSON, HTML and SQL for either MySQL or SQL Server.

But how do you interact with this data?

You can either have it sent to you or a location of your choice. Such as sending the data to DropBox, FTP, a database, email etc.

Another option is to use the Callback URL feature to automate the scraping process using our API. This feature gives you the option to utilize our API. It allows you to automate the entire scraping process.

Free Web Scraping

If you are looking for free web scraping tools then look no further as you can try our suite of tools. By signing up and getting the monthly free web scraping allowance. Allowing you to scrape risk free! However, if you want to scrape large amounts of data you will need to upgrade.