Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Install the Web Scraping Assistant to make creating scrapes easier

Our web scraper uses a point and click wizard that allows users to define which parts of a website to be interacted with or scraped. While this wizard works perfectly for 95% of websites there are some websites that use security features like CORS and content security policy headers that block their content being executed outside of their own domain. This of course stops GrabzIt’s Web Scraper Wizard from working properly too!

So, to overcome these issues GrabzIt created the Web Scraping Assistant for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera. This is a safe extension that only disables these security features for requests coming from our Web Scraper Wizard. Fixing most incompatibilities, a website can have with our wizard.

While it is not essential to install this browser extension in order to scrape the web, if our Web Scraper Wizard is not showing a website properly, it is highly recommended that you install the Assistant for the correct browser using one of the buttons below! This will then open up the Extension Library of your chosen browser from where you can install the extension.