Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Bulk Web Screenshots with GrabzIt's Importer

Use this tool to bulk import URL's into the online screenshot tool as scheduled tasks. To get started with your import follow the quick start instructions below.

WarningImporting your data will overwrite ALL of your current scheduled tasks, deleting any archived screenshots!

Execute tasks immediately
Delete tasks after execution

How to import webpages to screenshot in bulk

If you have a list of web pages you need to convert into images, PDF, DOCX and MP4. Then this import tool enables you to process hundreds or thousands of such URL's without writing any code. In addition to PDF screenshots, this bulk import tool can also be used to convert HTML tables into CSV documents or online videos into animated GIF's. There are two main ways to achieve this.

The easiest method is to use the Create Multiple Tasks feature.

Then when creating a scheduled task you can enter your list of URL's for every web page that you want to capture. Or you can capture an entire website by just entering the URL of it's sitemap.

Alternatively, the more configurable option is to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Create a task with all of your required options, such as format, height etc, this will act as your template. Showing you what fields need to be filled in.
  2. Next export the task. Then open the document in a spreedsheet application and copy and paste the row that represents the template task once for every web page URL that you want to process.
  3. Replace the URL column with the list of URL's that you wish to bulk import.
  4. Finally save the file in a .csv, .xls or .xlsx format and upload it into the import tool above. Your URL's will start to be processed within ten minutes of being imported.

Why aren't my scheduled tasks starting immediately?

If you have set a start date in the past your scheduled task won't start immediately, instead don't set a start date to make the scheduled task start immediately. Otherwise set a start date in the future to get your scheduled task to being on the specified date.