Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

GrabzIt's Online Screenshot Tool, Capture Websites!

GrabzIt's Online Screenshot Tool is an online app that can do almost everything our API can do without writing any code at all!

In fact, the Screenshot Tool can create website screenshots, thumbnails, full length screenshots, convert online videos to animated GIFs as well as converting web pages to DOCX, rendered HTML and PDF. This tried and tested app is trusted by many of our customers and performs web captures in your local time. Using our extensive network of web capture servers located all over the world.

The first step in using the Screenshot Tool is to create a task. Depending on what you select this task can be executed repeatedly, at a point in the future or straightway. This is especially useful if you want to monitor how certain web pages change overtime over a period of time. As well as capturing critical information such as stock prices and updating the relevant users with regular updates.

If you are only interested in a certain part of a web page you can in fact specify a CSS selector for that part of the web page. Then only that section of the web page will be included in any output.

When creating a task, you must specify the URL of the web page or video you want to capture or convert. Along with any of the multitude of possible customization options available for each output format. Included as part of these options is the ability to create Custom Watermarks and Cookies from within the Screenshot Tool.

Creating Custom Watermarks allows users to brand any documents or images to ensure that everyone knows who owns the material. While custom cookies allow you to manipulate target websites enabling actions such as taking a screenshot from behind a login.

After the task has been saved and the point at which the task is due to be executed has arrived. The Screenshot Tool assigns the task to one of GrabzIt's many web capture servers.

Then once the web capture has been completed the Screenshot Tool will deliver the result according the options chosen in the task. This could be to an email account, Amazon S3, Dropbox account, FTP server, WebDAV server. Or even to the Callback Handler that is found in all of GrabzIt's API Libraries. By specifying a Callback Handler this allows you to integrate the Screenshot Tool output into your own custom software.

Another frequent requirement is to convert a list of URL's into image screenshots, PDF documents or something else. With GrabzIt's Online Screenshot Tool this is easy as the URL's to capture can be imported into the Screenshot Tool as a CSV using the Bulk Screenshot Importer, with each row then being converted into tasks and executed.