Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

GrabzIt's Online Screenshot Tool, Capture & Archive Websites

Don't waste time manually taking a screenshot of a web page, saving the image, and keeping track of it.

Instead, automatically create an organized web archive so you never have to worry about taking a screenshot or finding an old screenshot. All without writing any code, by capturing screenshots online. You can even add a digital signature to a screenshot so you can independently verify its creation time and integrity.

Does the Screenshot Tool only Support Image Screenshots?

GrabzIt can do much more than a normal screenshot tool. While GrabzIt does support taking image screenshots in a variety of file formats. Just like you can manually do on your PC.

You can also do more and take document screenshots in formats like PDF or DOCX. In fact if you need a online web page to DOCX converter we think you can't do better than GrabzIt. Our latest innovation lets you turn web pages into videos using the MP4 format allowing you to create moving captures. But all of this is only a little of what we support...

Cloud Screenshots

With GrabzIt's online tool you don't need any special desktop or mobile software to take your captures. Instead all screenshots are automatically taken in the cloud.

Taking screenshots in the cloud has several advantages. The first is that you can capture websites online twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The second is that your screenshots are automatically saved in the cloud so you don't have to worry about losing your screenshots.

The third is that you also get our other cloud services like the Web Monitor and its website change detection technology. This is fully integrated into the Screenshot Tool and allows you to take web screenshots automatically when a web page changes. Freeing yourself up to do other things.

How the Screenshot Tool Works

Identify Target Website

1 Capture and archive a target URL, a list of multiple URLs or an entire website sitemap

Web Archive

2 Automatically export the result or just keep it in GrabzIt's web archive

Capture Screenshots Automatically

3 From now on, the system will automatically take your screenshot

Key Features

  • Full size, full page screenshots. Thumbnail screenshots. HD screenshots.
  • Flexible scheduling system
  • Archive screenshots and verify their creation time and integrity
  • Create screenshots from multiple geographic locations
  • Export screenshots to multiple locations including your local machine, Dropbox, Email, Callback URL or Amazon S3
  • A fully-featured API
  • Customizable cookies and watermarks
  • Multiple formats including JPG, PNG, PDF, MP4, DOCX and many more

Just a few use cases for automated websites screenshots

Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to manage your brand, track competitors, track SEO rankings. Verify ads, monitor website compliance, track trends, and more by creating a website archive.