Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Verifying the integrity and time an archived capture was created

Verifying Web Capture Integrity

So you can archive a web page as a capture. But how do you prove in a court of law that the capture was created at that particular time and hasn't been altered at all? Well this is where file signatures come in.

GrabzIt can create a separate Digital Signature file for each archived page using an RFC 3136 and eIDAS compliant third-party Time Stamp Authority (TSA). This signature contains a non-refutable time the capture was created that cannot be altered without detection. As this signature also contains a certified SHA-256 digital signature it ensures that the original capture hasn't been altered, ensuring both the data integrity and authenticity of the archived capture.

To create a digital signature in addition to your normal archived capture. To do this you must have a Micro package or above then, choose the Include Digital Signature option on the Export Tab.

Checking the Signature

Once you have generated the signature you can check its validity using Kleopatra. Simply download the signature and the capture into the same directory then open the signature using Kleopatra.

If you are using Windows, download, download and install Gpg4win. This software bundle contains Kleopatra. If you're using Linux, check out Kleopatra on KDE. On Mac you can use GPGTools but this uses GPG Keychain and GPG Services instead.