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GrabzIt's Web Monitor - Website Change Detection and Alerts

Website Change Detection AlertsDo you have need to perform tasks when something on the web changes? GrabzIt's Web Monitor is a website change monitor that makes this easy. By automatically watching web pages and then triggering an action or alert when it detects a change.

The most flexible way to use the monitor is by creating a custom monitor. First set the page to monitor, determining whether to monitor the whole page or just part of the page.

One option is for GrabzIt to call a URL when it detects a website change. Allowing an app or service to carry out further processing or send an email to alert you of the change. You then determine how often to check a web page for changes. Simply define your monitoring schedule when you create your monitor.

But how do you know if the monitor is monitoring the correct part of a web page? If you turn on history, you can see the last five changes made to the website by the monitor. This helps ensure you are monitoring the right website changes.

Sometimes you need to be able to specify custom alert criteria. This ensures that an instant alert occurs only when the webpage you are monitoring displays a specific value. This is possible using conditions.

Conditions can consist of things like text includes abc or value is greater than 10. You can chain these conditions together to customize exactly when an alert will fire. Like GrabzIt's other tools the any website change monitor you create also uses GrabzIt's integrated cookie system. This allows it to monitor even private, login protected pages.

GrabzIt also provides a REST API that enables your app to create or delete monitors on the fly. Allowing you to integrate the ability to detect website changes directly into your app. Using the webhook callback fired from GrabzIt, you can make monitors and get notifications when a website changes.

GrabzIt's monitoring tool is advanced website change monitoring software, with all monitors runing 24/7 in the cloud. All monitors are manageable on a single user friendly dashboard and come with a seven day free trial!

Or you can track website changes and then...

Screenshot Website Changes

Screenshot the Changes

Generate web page snapshots, with the option to include a timestamp watermark to demonstrate the creation time. Allowing you to reference and compare changes overtime.

Scrape Website Changes

Scrape the Changes

Extract content from pages when they change, such as capturing the latest stats displayed on a page after an update. To ensure that your apps always have the latest data.

Monitor web pages with your browser

We made website change detection even easier with browser extensions, including a must-have chrome extension. The browser extension enables you to select the specific HTML element you want to monitor on a webpage. Allowing you to quickly create a monitor for any page you want to keep an eye on.