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GrabzIt's Web Monitor, Detect Changes on the Web

This feature is currently in beta so maybe subject to future changes. Please contact us if you have any issues or feature request

Do you have need to perform tasks when something on the web changes? Well now GrabzIt makes it easier with the Web Monitor. This tool monitors the web and then triggers something when a change is detected.

You can create a custom monitor, which allows you to use this functionality however you like. Simply set up a monitor to watch the whole page, or just part of a web page and when the watched item changes GrabzIt can either call a URL allowing an app or service to carry out further processing or alternativley send an email to notify you of the change. You have a free monthly web monitor so you can try it now with no risk.

Alternatively you can track website changes and then...

Screenshot the Changes

Create web page snapshots, optionally with a timestamp watermark to prove when it was created. Allowing you to reference and compare changes overtime.

Scrape the Changes

Extract content from pages when they change, for instance the latest stats displayed on a page when an update is made. This ensures that your apps are always up-to-date!

Monitor web pages with your browser

To make web monitoring even easier we have created a series of browser extensions that simplify the process of creating web monitors, by allowing you to select the HTML element you want to monitor on a particular web page. These browser extensions also make it faster to create a web monitor for any web page you come across that may need monitoring.