Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

About Us

GrabzIt was established in April 2012 and is a rapidly growing company based in the Silicon Roundabout, London. That provides online data capture services to our many customers. After many years of providing in some cases complex use cases for our customers we consider ourselves experts in the field of data extraction and conversion.

We are always striving to hone this expertise by adapting to our users changing requirements by improving and adding to the services we provide. Be sure to follow all of the latest developments on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!


Our founder Dominic Skinner (BSc, MSc) is an experienced web developer who started GrabzIt to make the web fully machine readable. We are still striving towards that aim. He has used his many years of experience in software enginering to try to make all of GrabzIt's services as useful as possible to other web developers and non-web developers alike.


GrabzIt Network

To the left is a simplified diagram of our web service architecture. Although there are in fact many more servers involved, which provides cached responses for requests made to our web services when applicable. All of this has been done to make our system massivley scalable and allow us to easily extend our capability when required.

As our system serves the needs of many clients worldwide it has been designed to be as reliable as possible, with multiple redundant systems built into all layers of our system architecture.

Combined all of these factors should allow you to be confident when choosing GrabzIt to solve your data capture needs.