Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Additional Premium Features

When you upgrade to any premium account you get access to the following extra premium features, in addition to the features listed on the upgrade page.

Feature Description
High Quality CapturesAll premium packages provide options to enable higher quality web captures.
Custom CookiesCustomize the cookies used when performing a capture.
Custom Watermarks Customize the watermarks you want to apply to your capture.
Custom Delay Customize how long GrabzIt should wait before creating the capture.
Custom Quality Customize the quality of DOCX, PDF, GIF and JPG captures.
All formats Access all formats for creating captures including: BMP, CSV, DOCX, GIF, JPG, JSON, PDF, PNG, TIFF, WEPB and XLSX.
HTTP Posts Perform a HTTP post when creating a image, PDF, DOCX or table capture.
Merging PDF and DOCX Allows the current capture to be appended to another capture of the same type.
Cover URL Allows a URL to be converted into a PDF and inserted at the beginning of the PDF document.
Headers and Footers Allows headers and footers to be added to DOCX and PDF documents using Templates.
Large Page Sizes Allows DOCX and PDF documents to be generated in sizes larger than A4.
Hiding HTML elements Use this option to remove a HTML element from your capture.
Wait for HTML Element Wait for a specified HTML element to appear before taking the capture.
Transparent Image Captures If the HTML being converted has a transparent background then a PNG or TIFF image will also be transparent.
Maximum Image Size 10,000 x ∞px
Full Size Captures Allows full scale captures to be returned.
Full Length Captures Allows a screenshot of the whole page to be taken rather than only the top part of it.
Target HTML Elements Create a capture based on the HTML elements of a web page that matches a specified CSS selector.
Remove Cookie Notifications Create a capture with all the common cookie notifications removed.
Higher Animated GIF Resolution Calculated by multiplying the width × height × number of frames of the GIF.
Web Archiving GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool automatically web archives content and capture timestamping and verification.
Customizable Cache Time How long a capture will be cached on our servers for, before it is deleted. The minimum cache time is 0 minutes, while the maximum cache time varies depending on the package type:
  • Micro - 90 Minutes
  • Entry - 3 hours
  • Professional - 6 hours
  • Business and Enterprise - 12 hours
Rate Limit How many requests you can make in a minute. The rate limit depends on the package type:
  • Micro - 75 requests per minute
  • Entry - 90 requests per minute
  • Professional - 120 requests per minute
  • Business - 150 requests per minute
  • Enterprise - 180 requests per minute