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How does Web Archiving work?

Web Archiving Web Pages

For GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool, to keep a record of web pages over time to facilitate activities, such as compliance and verification of web pages. GrabzIt automatically backups your captures into the cloud. Note that, tasks that are deleted on completion will not be archived.

To ensure that you can prove when a capture was archived and that it has not been altered since, you can additionally create a verifiable digital signature.

Archiving Length

Due to backup costs involved, different upgrade packages backup screenshots for differing lengths of time.

Package Archive Time
Free Not Archived
Micro Three Months
Entry Six Months
Professional One Year
Business Two Years
Enterprise Three Years

Remember that you can always download all of your archived captures as a ZIP file. To do this select the time range you want to download captures for on the Manage your Scheduled Tasks page. Then open the Task you are interested in and click the download button.

Additionally when creating a Scheduled Task you can choose to automatically export your captures to third party storage.