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Three easy ways to screenshot a URL with GrabzIt

26 September 2015
Screenshot URL

The simplest way to screenshot a URL is to use GrabzIt's Online Screenshot Tool, first create a new task enter the URL of the website you want to take a screenshot of, specify any special options and then your URL screenshot will be returned to you using the method you specified.

The next method is to use GrabzIt's JavaScript API to take a screenshot a of a URL, however using GrabzIt's Core Plugin makes this even easier, simply specify what HTML element the URL screenshot should be added to along with your Application Key and Secret as shown in the code below.

<div id="screenshot"></div>
GrabzIt("APPLICATION KEY").ConvertURL('').AddTo('screenshot');

The final option is to take a URL screenshot using one of the eight server side programming language provided by GrabzIt's API's. The below example uses the PHP API to get started specify the Application Key and Secret. Then pass the URL to the URLToImage method before calling the SaveTo method as shown below to create a URL screenshot at the file location specified.

$grabzIt = new GrabzItClient("APPLICATION KEY", "APPLICATION SECRET");

Additionally, if you want to screenshot every URL on a website you can do so by using GrabzIt's Web Scraper tool.

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