Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Screenshot entire website into PDFs or Images

These examples are available as templates, and as a tutorial on how an entire website can be converted to PDF.

Create a DOCX, PDF or image capture of every page in a website by using GrabzIt's Web Scraper. The scraper follows every link on the website and then sends a command to GrabzIt's Screenshot API to take and save a screenshot.

To get started create a new web scrape and then set the target website you want to screenshot in the Target Website(s) tab and click the Assign Target button.

Then in the Scrape Instructions tab use the following command.


In a similar way you can take a PDF screenshot of each page by using this command.


To add a delay before taking each screenshot use the following option. All screenshot options can be created by using the Create screenshot options button button.

Data.saveImageScreenshot(Page.getUrl(), {"delay":"1000"});

To take a full size screenshot of every page you can use the following three options.

Data.saveImageScreenshot(Page.getUrl(), {"outputwidth":"-1","outputheight":"-1","browserheight":"-1"});

Finally set how you want results to be provided in the Export Options tab.