Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Monitor Web Page Changes

Rather than execute a web scrape or screenshot tool task on a particular schedule you can instead, make it execute only when you need it to, when a part of the page you are interested in changes. It is also possible to specify HTTP web hooks to enable your apps to be notified of changes, alternatively you can be notified by email when a web page changes.

In general this works by you specifying the web page that needs to be monitored along with the CSS Selector of the part of the page you are interested in. This is important, as selecting the whole page will mean that it could lead to a lot of false positives, due to things like adverts etc and other dynamic web page features changing. However, it is possible to monitor the whole page for the web pages were this type of monitor will work.

The number of times a web page can be monitored is limited to a maximum of every five minutes, with the total number of checks limited by the number of monitor checks allowance, more monitor checks can be purchased when you upgrade your account.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please contact us as this is early days for this product and how much we develop it will depend on the interest received.