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Clarification: How To Save Screenshot as PDF on Local PC

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My bad.  I guess in the effort to be concise, I was too brief. 

I am attenpting to automate the process and have the correct URL to generate the report working fine and naming the file with the date & time.  Now, I want to, if possible, have the resulting file stored on my PC rather than left on Grabzit's system, where I am not sure how many it will save (at one per day) and also read somewhere on the site that the low-end accounts do not allow archieving. 

Thanks for your answer (which is entirely correct but doesn't help me because I did not ask my question correctly!).  If someone could suggest the best approach to getting the results to my PC or our local network, that would be great and much appreciated.


/s/ John

Asked by anonymous on the 22nd of August 2023

No problem. We can't download screenshots directly to your computer because if this was possible any website could hack you.

So there are two options. You can manually download all if the files by selecting a time period on the screenshot tool and then clicking the download as zip button.

Or you can select the export to Dropbox option and have a Dropbox client on your machine that will automatically download the files from Dropbox to your local computer.

How long we archive captures for is explained here.

Answered by GrabzIt Support on the 22nd of August 2023