Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool for Website Compliance

Website Compliance

Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to help fight you get the evidence you need for any potential legal battles.

Protect your brand

Is someone accusing you of publishing or not publishing something? Protect your brand's reputation and integrity, by automatically capturing evidence in the form of regular screenshots or by using web monitoring of your online content.

An archive of your website when you need it

As your website may be the main point of interaction with most of your users, it is likely to be the main cause of customer relationship and legal issues. So keeping a record comes in handy during legal proceedings to prove what was published at any particular point in time. The veracity of the of the time a capture was created and that it was not altered can be proved by creating file signatures.

Easily meet regulatory requirements

Legal problems can appear at any time. You must have trusted records of exactly what was available online on your website at any particular time or for any particular duration. This is especially true in the financial industry. With GrabzIt Screenshot Tool, you can capture and preserve your content as well as deliver the archive to any auditor whenever needed.

Be prepared to fight any litigation action

From startups to multinationals, no business is completely free from the risk of litigation. GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool helps you archive and access your website and social media content quickly and easily, making the whole process as pain-free as possible.

Protect yourself from false claims

Even the strongest brands are not safe from being a victim of false claims. Make your arguments much more effective with the evidence to back up what you say.