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Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool for Trend Tracking

Brand Management

A lot of stats are unfortunately short-lived so keep a record of how your stats are changing over time by using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to capture such information.

Monitor your website performance

Alexa advertises to the world your website performance and value so it is really something you should monitor. This can easily be achieved by regularly recording your Alexa Rank with GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool. To create automatic weekly snapshots that you can review when you want, allowing you to identify changes over time.

Understand how your brand is performing on Google

Google Trends shows your website popularity over time, but to see what is happening at regular intervals you need to remember to check well no more with GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool you can set up a regular task to record a snapshot of your Google trends that can be inspected in the future.

Understand your competitors

Of course, you shouldn't just track your own trends, perhaps more importantly you can track your competitors too. Whether it concerns pricing, promotional offers or trends, use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to stay informed of the important metrics that are vital for business growth.