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Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool for SEO Tracking

SEO Tracking

Better SEO tracking by using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to automatically capture your position in the search results.

Monitor search engine ranks for the keywords that matter to you

Checking ranks of your target keywords is an ongoing task that takes a huge amount of time. No more! Leave your rank monitoring process on autopilot while you focus on what brings ranks and traffic.

Analyse the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization strategies

Find out what website changes created a sudden spike in your target keyword ranks? Replicate it for your other pages as well. Did your rankings drop? Improve with a better SEO plan. GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool ensures that you have insight into your search engine rankings at all times.

Monitor your paid ad competitors

Relying completely on the organic results is never good enough and that is why many people resort to paid ads. But even here there is competition: what wording are your competitor's ads using, how are they improving their messaging over time?

Improve your click-through rate

Want to improve your click-through rate? Check what wording your competitors are using and outperform them with a better landing page. Using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool, you know exactly when your competitors have made a significant change enabling you to quickly change your messaging.

Brand monitoring can be pretty difficult at times, however, using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool makes it easy by taking regular screenshots of any update that involves your brand. Once you have set-up a scheduled task, screenshots of your website reviews will be automatically saved to enable easy analysis in the future.

Get the complete story of your business

Keep a track of all information related to your business. Whether it concerns stock prices, maps or Google listings, stay up-to-date with all of the latest goings-on on your search engine result pages. You battle for new users every day. GrabzIt ensures that you get them!

Keep an SEO archive

A change in search engine traffic may cause you to check your historical rank status. Using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool, you can keep a search engine ranking archive of your important keywords. This will help you get a clear idea of your historical SEO ranks and current improvements.