Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool for Content Verification

Content Verification

Let GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool, safeguard your reputation by having the proof you need to show what was displayed on your website at a particular time. This can be proved by creating a file signature for the capture.

Prove your clients sponsored content was shown

If you are displaying ads on your site for individual clients it is a good idea to keep proof of your sponsored content publication. With GrabzIt's automated screenshot service, you have the right evidence to prove that certain ads or promotions were published on a given date.

Record the most active landing pages of your website

The most active pages on your site may provoke a lot of interaction with short-lived content. Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to capture these pages on your website at regular intervals so the most effective short-term content can be identified.

Track article updates

Time-sensitive articles are updated more often than you would imagine. With GrabzIt’s automated screenshot service, you can monitor content changes over time by archiving any updates. This can even be automated by using web monitoring to track a part of the page that regularly changes.

Monitor terms and conditions regularly

If you are hosting a poll or contest or offering a discount. Then terms and conditions matter.

In order to avoid any unwanted circumstances or legal challenges, always keep evidence of your terms and conditions safe with GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool.