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25 May 2017
GrabzIt Geo-targeting

GrabzIt is excited to announce we have just released a geo-targeting system! This applies to all captures that convert URLs, such as converting URLs to images, PDF’s and Word documents.

This feature automatically calculates what capture server is physically closest to the website that is being captured and uses that server to perform the capture. For instance if a website is hosted in New York City, it will use servers based in the United States.

How do I use this? First you need to be a Business or Enterprise user to use this feature, next make sure you are not specifying a country the capture should be taken from. If both of these requirements are met then captures are automatically geo-targeted.

This has the effect of dramatically improving the speed of a capture, by reducing the network latency. As all resources such as images, JavaScript and CSS files have to travel a much shorter distance, once the capture has been created it is then sent as normal through our API to your app.

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