Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Use Geo-targeting to create captures even faster

GrabzIt Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting automatically calculates what capture server is physically closest to the website that is being captured and uses that server to perform the capture. For instance if a website is hosted in United States. It will use servers based in the United States to capture the website.

This has the effect of dramatically improving the speed of a capture, by reducing the network latency. In layman's terms each image, JavaScript, CSS file and other resources has to travel a much shorter distance, once the capture is made locally to the target website it is then sent as normal through our API to the client.

To use this feature you need to be a Business or Enterprise user and not be specifying a country a capture should be taken from in addition your captures must not have a delay longer than 10 seconds.

Then Geo-targeting will be automatically used to speed up your captures. In addition being a Business or Enterprise user means that your captures will also be serviced with a very high priority.

This technique of course won’t help with converting raw HTML as this isn’t hosted at a particular location. Or the speed of converting websites like YouTube or Vimeo as these have a global presence anyway.