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Download GrabzIt's JavaScript Library

JavaScript API

Get the latest version of the GrabzIt JavaScript Library by clicking the button below! This library is also covered by the open source MIT license, so feel free to use it and modify it however you like.

In addition to the GrabzIt JavaScript Library the download also contains a demo on how to take create captures and another on how to turn those captures into Data URI's.

Download Now

Alternative method using a CDN

Alternatively, rather than downloading your own copy of the GrabzIt JavaScript library just add the following script tag inbetween the <head> tags on your web page.

<script src=""></script>

Alternative Method Using NPM

Simply add the following code to the dependencies section of your package.json file:

"@grabzit/js": "*"

Then in the command line navigate to the directory that contains your package.json file and use the "npm install" command to automatically download and install the package from the Internet.

This code library is completely open source! If you want to view or improve the source code you can find it on GitHub.