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I produce quite a lot of PDFs (and now JPGs) on demand from my site visitors. The service from Grabzit is excellent. Support, when needed, is simply amazing and the pricing is the best!! My site is quite complex with some complicated Javascript and Grabzit sails through it. Very highly recommended!
The GrabzIt Team have helped me on two occasions, despite my ignorance. Those occasions were regarding conversion of my ASP.NET page (HTML, with an image) to PDF. Answers to my questions were punctual, easy to understand etc. etc. Moreover, even on Sunday evening there was someone (patient) to help. Thank you GrabzIt!
InspiredLiving had a requirement for capturing form screenshots as part of its application to automate office forms. With the Grabzit tool, we have achieved way more than what we expected. Their timely respones for our queries had also helped us a lot. Good going Grabzit!!!!
The gem for Ruby on Rails has been easy to use and the API has returned the screenshots I need very fast. There was a minor issue in the beginning, but the Grabzit team was quick to respond and the issue was resolved within a day. I have upgraded to the Professional package and would recommend the screenshot service to anyone.
THE best support! We had an issue with redirection. I wrote support from my FREE account, and in a few minutes i got first response. After half hour they found where problem was. After one hour they fixed all and it was ready for use.
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