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Entry ProfessionalBest value package Business Enterprise
Standard Features
Maximum Captures Per Month 5,000 50,000 250,000 500,000
Customizable Cache Time 0-3 Hours 0-6 Hours 0-12 Hours 0-12 Hours
Support Normal Normal Priority Priority
Capture Speed Standard Speed Standard Speed High Speed High Speed
Encrypt Captures - - Yes Yes
Custom HTTP Proxies - - Yes Yes
High Quality Captures Yes Yes Yes Yes
GrabzIt Watermark Removed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Premium Features Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Add-on: Web Scraper
Web Scraper Page Limit
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$ 5.99
(7 Days Free)*
$ 14.99
(7 Days Free)*
$ 29.99
(7 Days Free)*
$ 54.99
(7 Days Free)*

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