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Ask questions relating to GrabzIt's Web Scraper Tool. Such as how to use the web scraper and API to extract data from web pages, images or PDF documents.

Capture a Website with JS flip/rotate images
Hi, i wanna capture a Website with JS flip/rotate images. Chromium block the autostart of the jav...
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Image text
I use the X3 template for my website, which I want to download for offline viewing. I cannot just...
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"PDF Not Opening" Error
Hello - after downloading an entire website and unzipping the result, I get an error message when...
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How many scrapes do I need?
Hello! I have tested the tool and it works exactly the way I want. However I have exeeded my scra...
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I want to extract news article to google sheet using google alerts RSS link, Is this possible ?
I want to extract news article to google sheet using google alerts RSS link, Is this possible ?
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Scraping Website Data into Home Assistant
Hello,         Does anyone know if Grabzit's Web Scraper could be used/useful to download data fr...
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User based Sites / login
Trying to scrape a calendar type site with events.  One must be logged in to view the events.  Ca...
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capturing multiple levels of website
I am trying to capture the entire contents of a website with multiple levels. I have tried using ...
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The capture could not be found on GrabzIt
Hi What this means? Why it happens? Getting with several sites this error: PHP Fatal error: Uncau...
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how can i know about remaining scraper page limit
i bought the web scrapper service    5000 scraper page limit & 50000 capture   so how can i know ...
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Product list and product details
Hi everyone, I am trying to scrap ecommerce data that contains the page with the product listing ...
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Pop up windows
Hi, I am new here. Can you please explain how to handle ;- on certain sites before you can pro...
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Way to customize export file name using date / running counter?
Hi, I'd like to schedule a daily repeating web scrape and export the data using a different expo...
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Data from second page table with javascript "next page" button
Hi,   I'm trying it now for hours, but I couldn't find it out. On the website I want to collec...
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Site GDPR Restrictions
I am not able to scrape a webpage because it says it cannot show the page to Europe browsers. Is...
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