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Feature request: html2header/footer

Ask questions on how to capture or convert web pages or HTML into images, CSV, PDF or DOCX documents as well on how to convert videos into animated GIF's using our API.

The template way is nice. But the styling differs from the rest of the page. And it is annoying to have to develop pages at different locations: the body in your own programm and the header/footer in your grabzit-account.

Can you make that we can add html as header or footer?

Just like we can send html to generate pdf, screenshot etc (php):


So for a header it could be like:

$html = '<div>..... <span>{page_number}/{number_of_pages}</span> ..... </div>';

Besides the template option from Grabzit, I tried using html/css headers and footers.
It is based on 'position: fixed;' and for the best results you need to use tables or 'display: table[-xxxx];'

But it is still buggy and.... page-numbering is not working inside position-fixed (because it is only rendered once). But they are talking about how to solve it.


So html2header/footer would be the best solution! I do hope Grabzit will make this.

Thanks in advance, Lydia


Asked by Rhinestone66 on the 23rd of April 2020

There are limitations with PDF conversions which prevent us from doing this. However we have made a case to investigate adding more flexible styles to the templating system.

Answered by GrabzIt Support on the 22nd of May 2020