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YouTube to GIF

GrabzIt can perform YouTube to GIF, Vimeo to GIF and Video to GIF conversions, with both our Online Screenshot Tool and highly flexible API, which supports eight programming languages, including JavaScript and PHP. Simply pass the URL of the page that the YouTube or Vimeo video appears on to the URL parameter of your call to the API and the video it contains will be converted into an animated GIF.

If you are using the Online Screenshot Tool, select GIF from the format select box and then enter the URL of the page that the GIF appears on into the URL text box. Once you save the scheduled task the animated GIF will be created and sent to the location you have specified.

If you want to convert a normal on-line video you will have to specify the exact URL of the video to convert.

Read this introductory article for more examples and information on how to convert YouTube videos to animated GIF's.