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How to handle the rate limit reached error

To prevent denial of service attacks (DDOS) and server instability our web servers will block any further requests after receiving a large number of requests from a single location by returning a HTTP 403 Error with the message: Rate limit reached. Please wait for your service to resume shortly. Also please slow the rate of requests you are sending to GrabzIt to ensure this does not happen in the future.

Anymore outstanding jobs will then be deleted. This block will then be removed shortly afterwards. To prevent this from occurring try to reduce the rate of requests that are sent to the GrabzIt service.

This error occurs when more requests than are allowed for your package are made from a single IP address or Application Key to the GrabzIt service within a minute. For clarity a request occurs every time our API is contacted.

One solution is to try to slow down the number of requests you are making. Another is to use a technique that reduces the number of requests, such as using asynchronous retrieval or the REST API.

Note that every request using the REST API counts as two requests for the purposes of the rate limit as it is doing a conversion and retrieval in one.

Another solution is to upgrade your account. Free packages are limited to 60 requests per minute. While the Entry package limit is 90 and Professional package is limited to 120 requests per minute. The Business and Enterprise packages have a rate limit of 150 and 180 requests per minute respectively.