Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

How to convert large HTML snippets using GrabzIt's API

GrabzIt's capture technology uses adaptive compression to enable as large as possible HTML documents to be converted without degrading the performance of the service.

In fact, GrabzIt's API allows you to convert up to 18 MB of HTML into a single document or image. Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase this limit further. If you try to convert more HTML than this limit you will receive the Maximum size of request reached error.

The first approach we would recommend is that you try to compress the HTML. Remove any redundant comments, spaces, attributes, hidden inputs and HTML elements etc. that won't alter how the document is displayed.

Alternatively, if you are converting your HTML into a DOCX or PDF document and have tried to compress your HTML but are still above the 18 MB limit then you can split the HTML into smaller pieces and convert each piece separately. Then merge the pieces back into a single document.