Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Why do captures not appear the same as in the browser?

Occasionally image, DOCX or PDF captures don’t appear as you would expect. Note however that both PDF and DOCX are an interpretation of what appears in the browser and not a screenshot so will probably not appear exactly as shown in the browser. Due to the limited features of the DOCX format, this is true for DOCX to an even larger degree. Furthermore, GrabzIt’s capture software is based on Chromium, so any comparisons must be made in Chrome.

The first issue maybe that the target URL or HTML didn’t have enough time to load. Try specifying the delay with a value of 5000 milliseconds or more.

Sometimes the target you are trying to capture may need a larger or smaller browser width to appear correctly. Try increasing and decreasing the browser width parameter until it appears as you would expect.