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How does GrabzIt handle caching?

Every time a capture is created, even if it is of the same URL, a brand new capture is created. The exception to this is if you are using the JavaScript API, as this API is intended to be used in the browser potentially creating a lot of captures! In which case a cached capture will be returned unless you set the cache parameter to 0.

Each unique Capture is cached on our servers to give you time to download it before it is deleted from our system, the cache time varies from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the package you are currently using. This is the TTL (Time To Live) of the capture.

Package Maximum Cache Time
Free Thirty Minutes
Micro Ninety Minutes
Entry Three Hours
Professional Six Hours
Business Twelve Hours
Enterprise Twelve Hours

However the cache time can be set to anything below this maximum limit down to a minimum of 0 minutes, on your account page. Setting the cache time to 0 minutes essentially disables caching.

While a capture is cached on our system the GetResult method can be used to retrieve a cached capture as often as you wish. It is recommended that you download the capture to your server whilst it is available so that you can keep it permanently, as is shown in our online examples.

If you have specific needs that still require caching to be disabled, please contact us.