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How do you improve the quality of web captures?

GrabzIt capture software is based on Chromium. So when judging the quality of the capture use Chrome (for Windows) to view the original webpage or HTML.

If you are creating image captures the most important thing is to choose a image format other than the default JPG and we recommend PNG, which gives a good balance of compression and quality.

We also create web captures using the standard compression for the selected document format, however this can be overridden by changing the image quality parameter or PDF quality parameter when taking a web capture. However doing so could increase the file size of the returned capture.

Another potential quality issue can be caused by scaling the screenshot. This means increasing or decreasing the image size relative to the size of the browser. While we use the best scaling algorithms the quality can still be effected, this is often due to the developer choosing incorrect scaling ratios for the image.

You can also improve Animated GIF quality by increasing the frame rate. Note that to use most of these techniques will also require a premium package.

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