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How to set a Target Website?

Target Websites are the websites you want to extract data from. To tell the scrape tool to extract data from a website you first have to specify the URL of the website for instance

If you wanted to restrict what the Web Scraper calls one simple way to do this is to specify a URL Pattern which limits what web page URL's the web scraper will scrape. This works by specifying a URL with the asterisk as a wild card to denote that any characters can be present in this part of the pattern. For instance*/articles/* would scrape any URL's that has articles as the second directory from the root of the website.

The URL can also specify a URL with parameters to POST too for instance a login form. To do specify the form URL in the Target URL box and add the required post parameters to use.

Finally you can specify Seed URLs to ensure that those URLs are scraped.

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