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Display screenshots faster with GrabzIt's CDN

GrabzIt CDN

When displaying screenshots and GIF's to your users you can achieve faster response times by hotlinking to the captures you create with GrabzIt's globally distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Most users currently download a capture onto their own servers and then display this capture to their user, which essentially means the screenshot is downloaded twice! As shown in the diagram.

A better solution would be to use GrabzIt's CDN to provide the screenshot immediately. If you want to use the screenshot later, then you should download the screenshot in the background to your server as screenshots are only cached for a certain time on our CDN. The time the capture is cached is dependent on your package. This may require you to check if the capture has been downloaded to your server before deciding to pass GrabzIt's CDN URL or the URL of the downloaded file to the client.

To access the CDN URL of a capture just create a URL in this format:[the ID of your capture]

The ID is the unique capture id generated by the system. This is returned by the Save method of your API and is also passed to your handler. GrabzIt's CDN also supports HTTPS just use https:// instead of http://

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