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How do you use the GrabzIt IntraProxy?

The GrabzIt IntraProxy opens up internal websites hosted in a intranet or on localhost to GrabzIt's services. It has the following requirements/limitations:

  • Only allows access from GrabzIt's servers
  • Requires Java 1.6+

First install the Proxy. Then on your router forward the port 10000 to the machine IP Address the GrabzIt IntraProxy is installed on. Please do not ask us how to do this, information on configuring your router should be available on the internet.

Then all requests to the router IP address and port will resolve to the internal website. For instance if your website is located at http://localhost/mywebsite/index.html and your router IP address is then to resolve your website externally you can pass: to GrabzIt.

Similarly if you have the GrabazItDemo installed locally and what to call its callback handler at http://localhost/GrabzItDemo/handler.php you could pass as a callback handler URL.

Remember to remove this URL prefix if you make your website publicly available!