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Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool for Brand Management

Brand Management

The web is changing all the time and so is your website. Every time you release an update to your website you lose the previous version forever. Services like the Wayback machine try to keep old versions of websites but with the number of web pages increasing exponentially there is very little chance that it would ever be able to capture the changes to your website. Looking at GrabzIt on the Wayback machine only the home page has been captured and only a few times a year. This simply is not sufficient to create a web archive of your brand for future reference.

Fortunately, GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool can help you manage your brand and preserve your history.

Keep track of changes

Digital content is your asset and you want to keep track of all the changes over time. Using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool, you can create a permanent, readily-accessible web archive to monitor the historical states of your website. GrabzIt archives all screenshots in a multisite backed up location for up to three years. Although you can download the screenshots or export them automatically to Dropbox and S3 and more to create a permanent archive completely under your control.

Keep track of what is being said about your brand

With GrabzIt's brand monitoring software you can know what is being said about your brand and get involved in the conversation.

Use GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool to track mentions on Twitter or discover Google news around your brand. Why not automatically do a search of your brand on Google and take a screenshot of the results to avoid any surprises.

Monitor your online reputation

Knowledge is power and not acting on bad reviews can cost your business dearly by harming your reputation. This is where a brand monitoring service can come in.

Unfortunately, brand monitoring can be pretty difficult at times, however, using GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool makes it easy by taking regular screenshots or automated screenshots of any update that involves your brand. Once you have set-up a scheduled task, screenshots of your website reviews will be automatically saved to enable easy analysis in the future.

Build an archive for the future

Your website data plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. But if you are not preserving this data, it will be inevitably lost as updates are applied to the website.

However, by using GrabzIt's web archiving solution, you can create a pixel-perfect record that can be used to make reasoned decisions.

Preserve the prior states of your website

So much data on the web is short-lived especially due to almost constant updates from social media feeds and frequent news updates a huge amount of data gets lost over the years. With GrabzIt's Screenshot Tool you can preserve every prior state of your website along with the short-lived content. Allow GrabzIt to build you your own web archive to ensure that none of your updates is lost. Making monitoring brands easier.