Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Web Scraper Examples

The following tutorials explain how to create scrapes that carry out some some basic scraping tasks.

Link Checker Create a custom link checker - find out how to create a custom link checker by following these simple instructions.
Image Download Download all images from a website - find out how to download all the images from an entire website.
Create Dataset Extract data and transform it into a dataset - find out how to create a dataset from the website you are scraping.
Extract Links Extract links from a website - find out how to extract all the HTML links from an entire website and save them in the format you desire.
PDF Extracting data from PDF documents - find out how to get data and images from online PDF documents.
Select Text Extracting values from text using patterns - find out how to use patterns to extract values from blocks of text.
OCR Extract text from images - find out how to extract text contained within images.
Dataset How to pad a dataset - format your extracted data better by using padding.
Array Manipulating Arrays - find out how to use the special array utility methods to easily handle arrays within scrapes.
Action Perform an action only once during a scrape - find out how to perform an action only once during an entire scrape.
Refine Refining scraped data - discover how to remove non-required data from your scrapes.
Email Address Scrape email addresses from a website - find out how to scrape all email addresses from a website.
Screenshot Convert an entire website to PDFs or Images - find out how to use GrabzIt's Web Scraper to capture every page of an entire website.
Screenshot Extract structured information from unstructured text - use GrabzIt to extract sentiment, names, locations and organizations.
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