Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Convert an entire website into PDFs or Images

All of these examples are also available as templates.

Create a DOCX, PDF or image capture of every page in a website by using GrabzIt's Web Scraper. The scraper follows every link on the website and then sends a command to GrabzIt's Screenshot API to take and save a screenshot.

To get started create a new scrape and then set the target website you want to screenshot in the Target Website tab then in the Scrape Instructions tab use the following command.


In a similar way you can take a PDF screenshot of each page by using this command.


To add a delay before taking each screenshot use the following option. All screenshot options can be created by using the Create screenshot options button button.

Data.saveImageScreenshot(Page.getUrl(), {"delay":"1000"});

To take a full size screenshot of every page you can use the following three options.

Data.saveImageScreenshot(Page.getUrl(), {"outputwidth":"-1","outputheight":"-1","browserheight":"-1"});

Finally set how you want results to be provided in the Export Options tab.

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