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GrabzIt Web Capture WordPress Plugin

GrabzIt Web Capture WordPress Plugin

Designed to enable users to easily add GrabzIt Web Capture functionality to their WordPress without writing any code. Simply install the plugin, register for an account with GrabzIt and then copy your application key into your GrabzIt Settings page in WordPress. Finally don't forget to authorize the domain of your Wordpress site, otherwise the GrabzIt plugin won't work.

The great thing about the GrabzIt Web Capture plugin is that you get all of GrabzIt's API features in a simple to use fashion, using shortcode. In the below example a screenshot of will be inserted into the WordPress post.


But don’t worry you still get to use all of the usual customization options. To do this you need to your required option from the list of JavaScript parameters as an attribute in the grabzit tag. For instance:

[grabzit format="png" noads="1"][/grabzit]

However in this example we are going to convert text straight into text, this is very useful if you don’t want text or content to be copied by bots or users.

[grabzit width="-1" height="-1" bheight="-1" target="text"]<font id="text"></font>[/grabzit]

The returned image capture will return a image that matches the exact size of the text, however the width, height, bheight and target attributes that are needed to create this image are only available on a paid package.

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This WordPress plugin is completely open source! If you want to view or improve the source code you can find it on GitHub.