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GrabzIt Web Recorder Plugin

Web Recorder Plugin

The Web Recorder Plugin allows you to screenshot a users browser by capturing changes to HTML elements after they have been altered by the user or by other means. However this plugin can not capture all the changes made to a page you must choose a small part of the page were you wish to capture changes the user has made.

GrabzIt Web Recorder Methods

  • AppendURL([url to append changes to]) - this returns the current URL with a querystring parameter that represents the changes made to the web page.
  • AddTo([application key], [element | element id], [options]) - creates a capture, which includes the altered HTML elements and adds it to the specified element.
  • Create([application key], [url to capture], [options]) - creates a capture, which includes the altered HTML elements and returns it as a script tag.

By default the AppendURL will add a querystring parameter that represesents the changes made to the webpage to the current url. However if you don't want the querystring parameter addded to the currrent URL you can pass the URL you would like the querystring parameter appended to.


The AddTo method can accept an element id or element so both of the following calls will work. Remember to replace 'APPLICATION KEY' with your actual application key.

        <div id="screenshot"></div>
            //Call One
            GrabzItWebRecorder.AddTo('APPLICATION KEY', 'screenshot');

            //Call Two
            var elem = document.getElementById('screenshot');
            GrabzItWebRecorder.AddTo('APPLICATION KEY', elem);

The options parameter takes all of the standard parameters, except the URL and application key parameters in the options object. For instance in the below example we are setting the country that we are taking the screenshot from to be the United States.

GrabzItWebRecorder.AddTo('APPLICATION KEY', 'div_id', {"country": "US"});

If you need to test to see if the target webpage is currently being accessed by GrabzIt's screenshot servers then use the isRecording method. This could be useful to disable unwanted page features, when the capture is taken.

if (GrabzItWebRecorder.isRecording())
	//disable something that shouldn't appear when a capture is taken.

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