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GrabzIt Save As PDF Plugin

Save As PDF Plugin

The Save As PDF Plugin Plugin adds the ability to save the webpage as PDF to any website, CMS or blog, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Just add the class grabzit-pdf-save to a HTML element such as a link, button or image. Then when the user clicks on the HTML element, the currnet webpage is downloaded. This allows your users to read a good offline version of your website at a later date.

To get started place the line below at the bottom of the page just above the closing body tag. Then replace the "APPLICATION KEY" with your actual application key.

new GrabzItSaveAsPDF("Sign in to view your Application Key");

Next to add the save as pdf ability simply add the grabzit-pdf-save class to the a HTML element such as a link. This will then be read automatically and whenever someone clicks on a link a download of the webpage will be generated.

You do not have to set any other configurations options than that, however you can specify all of the general and PDF parameters in the options object. For instance the default filename for the PDF download is the title of the webpage, however in the below example we have set the filename of the download to be mypage.pdf instead.

new GrabzItSaveAsPDF("Sign in to view your Application Key", {"filename": "mypage.pdf"});

If you want to download something other than the current page. You can specify a different URL by using the grabzit-url attribute for instance.

<a href="#" grabzit-url="" class="grabzit-pdf-save">Save as PDF</a>

Feel free to alter the JavaScript or the CSS as you wish! However we provide special CSS classes that you can use to style the preview box, these include: grabzit-pdf-save-progress that specified the style of the element with the grabzit-pdf-save class when the PDF is being generated. By default the HTML element appears disabled while the PDF is being created, however this can be changed easily.

Installing GrabzIt Save As PDF on a Blog or CMS

GrabzIt Save As PDF is fully compatible with a blog or CMS, just open blog-or-cms-install.txt found in the plugin download, this includes all the required JavaScript and CSS in one block. This can then be inserted into a widget that accepts raw HTML, such widgets are present in most blog or Content Management Systems. Remember to locate it at the bottom of the page after the content.

Download Now

This JavaScript plugin is completely open source! If you want to view or improve the source code you can find it on GitHub.
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