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Huge screenshot quality improvement!

09 February 2016

We are moving our image screenshot technology from using WebKit base code to Chromium. This has been a complicated piece of work but we believe you will be pleased with the results. An example of which can be seen to the side, using the exact same parameters with the two different technologies.

This upgrade will give you better quality screenshots that are more standard compliant, chromium is also updated much more frequently. You can now take screenshots of things like HTML 5 video, flash animations and more. We have also introduced a new feature as standard. A browser detection system that attempts to determine if the page has successfully rendered before taking the screenshot.

We are beta testing the new screenshot technology on our US servers, so to test the upgrade simply use US in the country parameter. Please report any issues you have to us.

Once we think the upgrade is bug free we will roll-out the changes across all of our screenshot servers.


As of the 25th of February 2016 we completed the roll-out of our technology update across all of our screenshot servers! Enjoy higher quality screenshots.

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