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DOCX conversions are coming!

19 May 2017

You probably haven’t heard much from GrabzIt for a while, well that’s not because we haven’t been busy…we have been beavering away for the last three months creating a new HTML to DOCX conversion service for you and we want you to have an early look. The tool not only shows you some of the things the new service can do, but will also help us identify any issues earlier on!

We have written the core of the software that does the HTML to DOCX conversions, what we haven’t done yet is add all of the configuration options that you will want yet. We also haven’t created an API end point for it yet, but one is coming soon.

We have compared our new service to other competitors on the market and think that this, if not the best then close to it!

If you want to be an early tester of the API tell us what programming language you use and we will prioritize adding the DOCX functionality to that library first.

We will update this blog post with more information about the new HTML to DOCX service as we get it.

Update 23rd of May 2017

Support for DOCX has been added to the ASP.NET, JavaScript and PHP libraries.

Note that we will not be producing any documentation on using DOCX until all of the libraries have been updated to use DOCX.

Update 26th of May 2017

All programming languages GrabzIt currently support now have the ability to convert URL's and HTML to DOCX. We will start rolling out updates to our documentation over the next few days.

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