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Download GrabzIt's PHP Library


Try the latest version of the GrabzIt PHP Library by clicking the download button below. This library requires PHP 5.3.2 + (however we still support PHP versions 5 to 5.3.1 through our legacy PHP version). This library is also covered by the open source MIT license, so feel free to use it and modify it however you like.

In addition to the GrabzIt PHP Library the download also contains a demo web application. The demo can create PDF's and images by taking screenshots of websites or by converting HTML. It can also convert on-line videos into animated GIF's.

Download Now

Alternative method using Composer

Add the following line to the "requires" section of your composer.json file.


Third Party Plugins

The following plugins enable GrabzIt PHP API to be used in different environments and frameworks.

Symfony Framework

This bundle was made by TLA Media, to enable GrabzIt's PHP API to be used in Symfony. Read this support article on how to use it in your Symfony app.

composer require tlamedia/grabzit-bundle

GrabzIt's code library is completely open source! If you want to view or improve the source code you can find it on GitHub.