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Header and Footer Templates

Page Layout Diagram

Templates enables headers and footers to be added to DOCX and PDF documents. To use a template specify the content you want to use in the header and/or footer, then when you create a DOCX or PDF just pass the identifier of the template you created to the templateId parameter. Or choose the appropriate template from the drop down in the screenshot tool.

You can alter a template dynamically by specifying custom template parameters that can be modified when a capture is created.

My Header or Footer is not appearing in the PDF?

As the PDF documents that GrabzIt generate follow the traditional page layout were the headers and footers appears outside the page margins as shown in the diagram, you need to that you have enough space for the header or footer to appear by increasing the top or bottom margin as appropriate. Another alternative is to reduce the font size of the content.

How do you display text at different positions in the header or footer?

The best way to do this is to split the header or footer into as many columns as you need by using a table. Then align the text as appropriate in each table cell.


You have no header or footer templates