Capture the Web!

GrabzIt's Web Scraper Tool, Extract Web Data!

Extracting data from web pages and PDF documents is easy with GrabzIt's Web Scraper Tool, just follow these three simple steps. Or you can let us do it for you!

Website Targets

Identify Target Websites

Define what websites or website parts you want to extract from and schedule when you want to do it.

Select Data

Select Data to Extract

Define what data should be extracted and in what structure it should be saved.

Package Data

Package Extracted Data

Define how the data should be packaged and how the final result should be transmitted to you.

What types of data can be extracted?

The Web Scraper can extract data from any part of a web page whether it is the content of a HTML element such as a div or span, a HTML element attribute, any web page meta data or text stored in a image or PDF document.

How does the Web Scraper work?

GrabzIt's Web Scraper reads the web as normal users see it by using a special browser that enables the Web Scraper to extract dynamic as well as static HTML. This means any content generated with JavaScript or AJAX can still be read. Not only that but the Web Scraper can also extract data from PDF documents and can even read text from images.

The Web Scraper also allows you to click on links and buttons submit forms, select options on the website and much more, allowing a website to be accessed in the same way as a normal user. Once you have selected an element some web scrapers insist you create complicated regular expressions to extract the exact piece of data you are interested in. Instead we enable you to use patterns we then create the regular expression in the background to extract the data for you.

Once your data has been collected it can be output in several different formats so that you can integrate it into your application as easily as possible. These formats include Excel, XML, CSV, JSON, HTML and SQL for either MySQL or SQL Server. But how do you interact with this data? You can either have it sent to you or a location of your choice, or you can use the Callback URL option which allows you to use our API and automate the entire scrape process. Especially as you can configure a web scrape to run on a regular schedule meaning you will always have the latest information!

The Web Scraper comes with an excellent online Wizard to automatically create scrape instructions to extract web data. Meaning you shouldn't have to write any code, or very little! We are always trying to improve our Web Scraper make it the simplest on the web.

Many websites store similar content across many pages, so to get all of the data you want GrabzIt's Web Scraper can crawl a website and search for content that matches your scrape instructions anywhere on the site. Alternatively you can specify the exact web pages you want to extract data from or just specify a sub section of the site to be crawled.