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Screenshot Websites

- use our API's or online tool to create image and PDF screenshots.
Screenshot Websites

Capture HTML Tables

- our API's and online tool can be used to convert HTML tables into CSV's or Excel spreadsheets.
Capture Tables

Convert Online Videos

- convert videos into animated GIF's using our API's and online tool.
Convert Videos to Animated GIFs

Scrape Websites

- use our web scraper to extract data directly from any website.
Scrape Websites


Our entire service is optimized for speed, with most screenshots generated in a few seconds. While our web scraper uses our special caching system to scrape websites as fast as possible without impacting performance.


Our service is highly customizable. Create website screenshots ranging from thumbnails to full size screenshots. Or use advanced features such as custom watermarks, cookies or location specific screenshots.


We have simplified our services as much as possible. Our screenshot API's and online tool have been designed to be simple and easy to use. While the complexities of scraping is simplified with our web scraper.


GrabzIt has been built with reliability and uptime in mind, with every part of our service having multiple fallback systems. This should ensure that there will be no noticeable interruption to your service.

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