Tools to Capture and Convert the Web

Capture or convert webpages and videos with GrabzIt's API

GrabzIt's API has many features including the ability to create website previews, thumbnails or full page screenshots as well as being able to convert webpages into a PDF documents. The API can also be used to create video previews by converting an on-line video, Vimeo or YouTube Video into an Animated GIF.

If you need to extract data out of a HTML table on a web page GrabzIt can also convert any HTML table into a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. Sometimes a website needs to be represented by an icon, in which case our Webpage to Icon API can be used to create or derive a suitable icon for any URL.

Using GrabzIt's API

To get started using GrabzIt's API you must first choose the programming language you want to use. Click on one of the options below to get step-by-step instructions on how to use the API. Then use the Application Key and Secret at the bottom of this page to authenticate your access.

Choose your desired programming language

ASP.NET API Java API JavaScript API Node.js API Perl API PHP API Python API Ruby API

Then use your Application Key and Secret

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