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Screenshot a Website - use our API or online Screenshot Tool to generate image screenshots.
Screenshot a Website
Webpage to PDF - convert a URL to a PDF document with our API or online Screenshot Tool.
Webpage to PDF
HTML Table to CSV - our API and Screenshot Tool can be used to convert HTML tables to CSV or Excel spreadsheets.
HTML Table to CSV
Video to Animated GIF - convert YouTube, Vimeo and online videos into animated GIF's using our API and Screenshot Tool.
YouTube to GIF
Webpage to Icon - generate an image icon for any URL based on a pages metadata with our Webpage to Icon API.
Webpage to Icon
Scrape a Website - use our web scraper to extract data directly from any website and return it in a usable form.
Scrape a Website


To ensure your app is fast our entire service is highly optimized for speed, with most screenshots generated in a few seconds. While our web scraper uses our special caching system to scrape websites as fast as possible without impacting performance.


To allow you to achieve your goals our service is highly customizable. Create website screenshots ranging from website thumbnails to full page screenshots. Or use advanced features such as custom watermarks, cookies or location specific screenshots.


We want you to get started as quickly as possible, which is why we have simplified our services. You can easily enable your desktop or web app to convert URLs into screenshots and more using our API. Or extract web data with our simple to use Web Scraper.


We understand that you are relying on us, which is why GrabzIt has been built from the bottom up with reliability and uptime in mind, with every part of our service having multiple fallback systems. This should ensure that there should be no downtime for your app.

How much does GrabzIt cost?

Our basic services are free forever, just sign up to get started! The free service is limited monthly to 1000 captures and a 1MB Web Scraper limit. To increase this limit and to get access to more advanced features you will need to use our premium services, but you can determine if our premium services are right for you for free by using our free trial!

So why not join the thousands of customers who have used GrabzIt for their web capture needs? Here is what some of our customers have said about our web scraper and website screenshot services.

We sell and build websites and we use GrabzIt to fetch screenshots from our prospects' websites before contacting them. This way the salesman can get an instant view what the current website looks like before the first contact call. Waiting the website to load into an iframe, for example, is too slow for our high calling rates. This solution speeded up our selling process and it is well worth the price!
The gem for Ruby on Rails has been easy to use and the API has returned the screenshots I need very fast. There was a minor issue in the beginning, but the Grabzit team was quick to respond and the issue was resolved within a day. I have upgraded to the Professional package and would recommend the screenshot service to anyone.
What I like about GrabzIt most is the API they make available to developers. It's straight forward and powerful. They're also actively working to improve it with new features that make my project perform even better.
Try all our premium features for free with a 3 day free trial. Then from $5.99 a month, unless cancelled.
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